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Car Hire in the USA

The USA is the ultimate holiday destination, offering something for everyone. A Sixt car hire in the USA will give you the freedom to get to know this vast and varied country, whether you opt for the iconic metropolis of New York, the glamour of Beverly Hills or the musical mecca of Nashville. You can start exploring from the moment you arrive with Sixt: it is quick and easy to rent a car in the USA before you travel by making an online booking.

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Our Service

A Sixt car hire in the USA allows you to see the country in a rental vehicle that's right for you. Our saloons and estates offer great value for money, while a 4x4 is ideal for exploring off the tourist trail. Alternatively, you can travel like a Hollywood A-lister in our range of sports cars and convertibles from some of the world's most prestigious manufacturers. In addition, all our car hire deals in the USA come with the option of adding extras to make your driving experience more convenient for you. For example, add an additional driver if you are going on a long road trip, or include Sat Nav to help you find your way. We can also provide child seats for families with children. It's easy to select and book your chosen extras when you make your reservation.


Can I cross a border in the US with my rental car?

Rental vehicles can only be used in the state where you collected your vehicle and the immediately neighbouring states. Please check with us before crossing any state lines.

What payment methods are accepted in the US?

All major internationally recognised credit cards can be used to hire a car in the USA with Sixt. You must be the cardholder and be able to show the card when you collect your rental car. Debit cards can be accepted under certain circumstances at Sixt's discretion, please check when you make your booking. Prepaid cards cannot be accepted, nor can Visa Electron, Maestro or Electronic Use Only cards.

Can I hire a car in the US if I'm under 25?

You must be aged 21 or over, and have held your driving license for at least one year to be applicable for any of our car hire deals in the USA. Restrictions on certain car categories apply to drivers aged under 25, which we can advise you about when you make your reservation. Drivers under 25 will also be obliged to pay a young driver fee.

What documents do I need to rent a car?

The person renting the vehicle and anyone else who will be driving it must show a valid driving licence. You will also need to show your passport or an official ID card when you collect your rental vehicle

Can I pick up a car and return it somewhere else?

Yes, although this may incur a one-way rental fee that will be shown during the booking process. Please note: one-way rentals may be restricted if you plan on crossing borders so it is best to check our Rental Information page for country-specific information.

Driving Tips

In the USA, traffic laws can vary between different states, so it's important to check the rules and regulations in the state you are visiting.

  • You must drive on the right hand side of the road.
  • Alcohol limits vary from state to state, but a tough stance is taken on drink-driving in all states, so it's advisable not to consume any alcohol before you drive. It is also illegal in the USA to have an open bottle, can or other container of alcohol in your car.
  • Most states have four-way stops instead of roundabouts. The first vehicle to stop has priority. If in doubt, give way to the vehicle on your right. If you encounter a roundabout, however, priority is given to vehicles coming from the left.

Speed Limits

Speed limits can vary in different states, but are measured in miles per hour countrywide. In all areas speed limits tend to be well signposted. It's worth sticking to the speed limit no matter what state you're driving in, as the police in the USA tend to enforce them rigorously. Speed traps are common and don't always carry warnings. As a general guide:

  • Speed limits on the motorway tend to be between 55 and 65 mph
  • In populated areas, speed limits are usually 25 to 35 mph.

Toll Roads

Toll roads are common all over the USA, and are also known as turnpikes. Not all take card payments, so it's advisable to carry cash as well. To avoid any stress, you can book a toll pass with SIXT so that you don%u2019t need to pay for each individual toll. This also often works out to be cheaper.

Places of Interest

The USA is far too large a country for you to be able to visit all its iconic sights in one trip. We've put together this map of some of our favourites for you to explore with your car hire in the USA.

The Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building are essential stops on a visit to New York, as are the Wrigley Building in Chicago and the Gateway Arch in St Louis, Missouri. A trip to Seattle should encompass the Space Needle, and the Epcot Centre is a must for anyone visiting Orlando. Head to the West Coast to take in the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, or place your bets on the Strip in fabulous Las Vegas! And of course you'll want to pay a visit to the White House, home of the President, in Washington DC.

The USA has some of the most varied and beautiful National Parks in the world. Discover the wildlife at Badlands in South Dakota, or explore the rocky terrain of Zabriskie Point in Death Valley, California. Take a trip to Yosemite where you can see the granite Half Dome. And no visit would be complete without marvelling at the Grand Canyon, Arizona, relaxing in the Everglades in Florida, or taking in the world famous spectacle of Niagra Falls.

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