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Important update on this partnership:

SIXT is no longer working with this partner but we would be very happy to have you as a customer. To view your offers, please fill in the boxes at the top of the page. If you would prefer to book in Chinese, rather than English, please visit:

Sixt 席克斯特全球租車 -- 動感體驗新勢力

  1. 1912 年成立於德國 , 自三台租賃車發展到今日全球105個服務據點
  2. Sixt 租車就是車輛品質保證的品牌
  3. Sixt 租車不滿足現況 , 我們力求革新
  4. 全世界各大城市看到我們亮橘色的熱情品牌 , 租車也可以很激情